Local landscaping business deals with multiple break-ins

Jordan Moritz says they relocated the store from Toledo two years ago due to burglaries – but the burglaries were still happening.

MILLBURY, Ohio – A local landscaping company that has been in business for more than 40 years was broken into last month.

It is not the first time that Landscape Design by Moritz has accepted this problem.

Located on Lemoyne Road off I-280 in Lake Township, the owners thought they didn’t have to worry about break-ins and break-ins. But it happened twice last month.

“They came in and took off the catalytic converters from all the pickups,” said Jordan Moritz, “and then the second, they just broke into the building and started taking equipment.”

In total, the company suffered more than $ 8,000 in damage and loss from the break-ins.

Moritz runs the business together with his father, who founded it 47 years ago. They were on Front Street in Toledo for 13 years, but it was broken into more than 30 times. So they moved two years ago.

“He thought if we moved here, near the autobahn, we wouldn’t have a problem, but that’s not the case,” said Jordan.

The Lake Township Police Station is less than two miles away, and the Moritz family praised them for preventing the second break-in before the suspects escaped with thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment.

The family added cameras to the building to prevent this from happening again. And they believe that others, even in rural areas, should do the same.

“Just be careful, lights and security are definitely helpful and easy to be close as a community,” said Jordan.

Jordan and his dad think they don’t have to worry anymore, but say it can happen to anyone and it is better to be prepared.

Lake Township police said they have no comment at this time as the investigation is ongoing.

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