Local landscaping business is feeling the heat from dry weather conditions

ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) – Many farmers in the Valley have said the drought has affected their produce and a local landscaper sees a difference in business too.

Joshua Sprouse with Sprouse Lawn Care said the mowing options are literally drying up.

Sprouse said they usually mow grass once a week.

“At this time of year we are used to being a bit dry, but not as dry as it used to be. We haven’t mowed some spots in seven weeks. We usually skip a week here and there for customers’ homes at this time of year and don’t mow at all now, ”Sprouse said.

He added that there are currently no new installations for shrubs and trees as most people water quite a bit.

Sprouse said they never haven’t mowed in so long, but mowing grass this dry can cause damage.

He said that in a normal year it is usually difficult to get employees to work enough hours in the summer, but these conditions make it even more difficult, but they find ways to keep going.

“We have focused our business on other things, such as: B. Fine gardening to make sure people’s flower beds are weed free. This morning I laid a gravel driveway, ”said Sprouse.

Sprouse said they need slow and steady rain for a few days and constant rain after that.

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