Local landscaping company uses conditions to their advantage

SARASOTA, Florida (WWSB) – It’s no secret that there was a dry spell along the entire Suncoast, with dry bushes and brown grass in several yards in both Sarasota and Manatee counties. Wildfire control specialist Patrick Mahoney said recent rains have left many Suncoast lawns and drying spots in the area with something to drink.

“It’s got better, the rain certainly helped,” said Mahoney. “It’s going to be green again.”

Conditions may be bad for grass, but for those who work in landscaping, things don’t seem bad, as Sarasota Landscaping Pros Byron said that due to the drought, they saw more holes in their schedule and this is themselves mixed in with the influx of people when they move to the area they have more time to prepare for the busy season.

“We’re doing the best we can to find new employees and to train some of our existing employees,” said Read.

Read said they also have increased demand for something new as they fear losing weed.

“We also saw a tremendous need for irrigation and irrigation work,” said Read.

To recover from the drought it all depends on the area you live in as some are drier than others, but those afternoon showers are key.

“You know, we keep getting these afternoon rain showers, we get caught up pretty quickly,” Mahoney said.

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