Looking at Your Landscaping with a Designer’s Eye Tuesday, June 08 at 7pm

Landscape designer from Fullerton Grounds Maintenance Elizabeth Johnston will talk about how she views the planting / hardscapes / architecture of a house as a landscape designer and how she can help you see yours with new eyes. She will discuss how to add personality to your landscaping and add to your home and lifestyle.

Good landscaping doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of upkeep or that you have to be a master gardener. Planning and thoughtful decisions can easily create a comfortable look without a lot of work. It shows you examples of plantings, hardscapes and outdoor decorations.

Pruning can often change or destroy the look of plantings – Elizabeth will give you some great tips. She’ll also learn a little more about the best way to assess your outdoor spaces to spice them up for summer enjoyment.

About the presenter: Elizabeth Johnston has been a professional landscaper for 30 years. She is a graduate of CCM landscape design Rutgers Landscape Design (female only in her 75-person class) and has also completed intensive studies in the UK with Penelope Hobhouse. Her passion for design also led her to get her interior design certificate 2 years ago. She is a certified paint specialist who helps her clients with color choices that work both indoors and in the landscape. You will often see them wandering through public gardens on garden conservancy tours and / or garden centers to expand their knowledge of design and planting combinations, as well as new plants available. She is passionate about traveling and has visited numerous botanical gardens in other countries.

About Fullerton Grounds Maintenance: Fullerton Grounds Maintenance (FGM) has been proudly based in Roxbury since its inception in 1994, providing a variety of landscaping and design / construction services for commercial, corporate, condominium and residential homes. Our staff includes a licensed landscape architect, landscape architect, gardener, certified pesticide applicator and accredited personnel from Certified Landscape Nursery Professional. FGM’s goal is to exceed expectations by providing exceptional landscape services at competitive prices, by showing that we are fully responsible for your work, and by maintaining long-term, hassle-free relationships with our customers.

Register online or call the library at (973) 584-2400. The virtual link will be emailed the day before the program.

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