Major programme to inspect retaining walls on the Isle of Wight

A BIG work program to inspect and upgrade hundreds of retaining walls, bridges and

Parapets were agreed between Island Roads and the Isle of Wight Council.

The program inspects more than 250 walls and a number of parapets and bridges and, based on these inspections, defines a procedure to ensure that each of the standards required in the PFI contract for highways is met.

The program, which runs until April 2023, is already underway, with an initial focus on 90 structures (57 in Ventnor), which will be given top priority.

Island Roads Service Director Steve Ashman said, “This is a major program of additional work, often involving specialist civil engineers and equipment, which is a significant investment in the structures to ensure that the highway network continues to operate for the future Years of support.

“Some of the work can be quite large and we will keep the local community informed of any traffic management that may be required so that we can carry out this work in the coming months.

“As always, we will try to minimize disruptions for residents and road users.”

Cllr Phil Jordan, Cabinet Member of the IW Council on Transport and Infrastructure, said: “This is a welcome investment in our bridges and retaining walls across the island, but it is also essential work that has been done.

“Not only are they an important part of the security of the network, but they also help shape and maintain the character of the area in places like Ventnor, which is another good reason why an effective ongoing inspection and repair program is important . ”

Island Roads has previously introduced improvements in some locations to provide habitat for solitary bees and the Ventnor wall lizards, and these features may be considered in future work.

The residents most affected by the program will be contacted before work begins and all necessary traffic regulations will also be announced.

The County Press asked how much the project cost or if it falls under the PFI program at no additional cost.

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