Man stoned, killed by landscaping bricks after shooting multiple people at Fort Worth house

Man stoned, killed by landscaping bricks after shooting several people in Fort Worth home

Fort Worth Police are investigating an overnight shooting with multiple victims in a house in the Como neighborhood of western Fort Worth.

Fort Worth police were called to the home in the 5600 block of Shiloh Drive at around 1:00 a.m. this morning after reports of a shooting had been reported.

Detectives learned that a man attending a party in the house was upset for some reason and left. He later returned with another person and had a verbal argument with the party guests. During the argument, the man shot and injured another person at the party. Other participants immediately began tracking the man after he shot their boyfriend.

As the partygoers pursued the suspect, he fired multiple shots at them and hit at least two other people. They started pelting the suspect with landscaping blocks, eventually nailing him to the ground and hitting him several more times with at least one rock.

When the rescue workers arrived, the suspect had died of blunt violent injuries. He was pronounced dead at the scene. At least three people were shot, one fatal. Others seek treatment.

A handgun was recovered from the scene.

Homicide investigators are still investigating the background to the incident.

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