Maple Grove churches to host landscaping webinar | Free

Learn how to create a useful and beautiful native planting space in the yard in a Zoom webinar titled The Hidden Benefits of Landscaping with Native Plants on Sunday April 25th at 7pm

Not only are native plants beautiful, they also help improve soil health, conserve water, and aid pollinators, insects, and birds. Protecting and creating healthy native plant communities and taking in the large and microscopic animals that live there is the best hope of addressing the causes and consequences of environmental damage, including climate change.

The speaker is Marilynn Torkelson, Master Naturalist, Minnesota Water Steward and current President of the Wild Ones Prairie Edge Chapter. Wild Ones is a national not-for-profit that promotes environmentally friendly landscaping to preserve biodiversity through the conservation, restoration, and creation of native plant communities.

The webinar is jointly presented by St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church and the Lord of Life Lutheran Church in Maple Grove.

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