Marek Landscaping to establish Port Milwaukee operation

Trucks line up to deliver agricultural produce to the privately operated Cofco International granary in Milwaukee Harbor.

Port Milwaukee announced a new long-term lease with a Milwaukee subsidiary on Wednesday Marek landscaping.

Founded in 1996, Marek Landscaping provides contracting services for sustainable waterfront design and habitat restoration across Wisconsin.

The lease, which is potentially renewable for 50 years, will bring the City of Milwaukee over $ 1.3 million in new revenue, according to Port Milwaukee.

“Port Milwaukee is a ‘port of the future,'” said Adam Tindall-Schlicht, director of Port Milwaukee. “Modern approaches to investment renewal and maritime transport are required to develop the port commercially and as a regional freshwater manager. I am delighted that Marek Landscaping will bring his expertise, customer base and passion for sustainability to Port Milwaukee as we grow this area of ​​our business. “

Marek Landscaping, which operates from 0.87 acres on 2452 S. Lincoln Memorial Drive at the southern end of the port, is required to contribute $ 3 million to the port’s new economic development under the agreement. Marek facilities include a new multipurpose office and warehouse, an overhead crane, and other maritime infrastructure required for receiving ships and handling bulk and finished products for Marek customers.

“My vision for Marek Landscaping has always been inspired by nature and the design of places within natural systems,” said Mike Marek, President and Landscape Ecologist. “Marek Landscaping is a leader in the design, management and restoration of ecological areas, parks, hiking trails, waterfront promenades and other green infrastructure locations. With climate change continuing to affect the Great Lakes and waterfront owners across Wisconsin, Marek Landscaping, with its new location in Port Milwaukee, will be ideally positioned to serve our community. There has never been a more critical time for our work. “

The Marek agreement will also improve public access to the port. The new agreement obliges Marek Landscaping to improve the accessibility of the port-operated Russel Avenue Fishing Pier near Cupertino Park. Marek will create two adjacent public parking lots at the port for nearby leisure activities.

All Port Milwaukee leases are subject to review and approval by the Board of Harbor Commissioners, the Milwaukee Common Council and the Mayor.

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