Master Gardeners volunteer to assist with landscaping for new Animal Adoption Center | News

The Master Gardeners and Friends of Marshall Animals have teamed up to volunteer time to design and organize the landscaping around the new Marshall Animal Adoption Center.

FOMA member Leta Kay said the group reached out to the Master Gardeners organization to see if they would be interested in helping with the new center, a project Master Gardener member Deb Bates was participating in.

“A lot of us who are near the land are also around the animals,” said Bates.

Earlier this week, members of the master gardeners, including Bates, met with Kay and other FOMA volunteers and public works director Eric Powell at the site of the new animal adoption center to examine the area of ​​the project.

Bates said that now that the group has an idea of ​​what they want, they will meet to make recommendations to the city about which plants to add, which growers to contact, and other elements of the landscaping plan for the new location .

The landscaping project is organized in phases, starting with basic landscaping and over time with the help of master gardeners.

Finally, Bates said they plan to start a fundraiser for the project, which will give parishioners an opportunity to purchase a memorial shrub in honor of a family pet that will be planted on the new site.

“I think it’s a great way to honor a loved family pet and also support the local animal adoption center,” said Bates. “We plan to make it affordable so everyone can support this project.”

Bates said it will be a long time before gardeners can start landscaping as construction of the new site won’t be completed until late May this year.

Only when the construction work has been completed and the top floor has been laid can the volunteers from the city and the master gardener work on the beautification of the landscape of the new building.

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