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WHERE’S MY LICENSE? This question comes from none other than former Albuquerque Mayor Jim Baca. It seems like years of government service won’t save you from frustrations with the Motor Vehicle Division.

Jim emails: “Do you have any secrets to get through NM MVD? No matter what I do, I can’t find anyone there. I paid online a few weeks ago to renew my driver’s license. They charged my credit card immediately and I haven’t heard a word since then. And no replies to emails and phone calls to robots. “

It’s in the mail.

Charlie Moore, who maintains information for the State Taxation and Revenue Department, the parent agency of the MVD, says, “We checked Jim’s license and found it was printed and mailed (the day before) so he should get it within a few days . “

………………………………………….. …………..

And if you run into the same problem, know that MVD apologizes for the wait times at the call center. We’re still not quite up to the staff there, ”and you can use the contact form,

DOES THE TRAM / INDIAN SCHOOL NEED WEEDING? Lisa Wilcox emails, “I was delighted to see the landscaping enhancements along the Tramway Bike / Walkway at Indian School and Tramway. I ride my bike here several times a week and find this a good resting place. There are panels that identify the people responsible for the project and panels about the vegetation. In addition to the new vegetation and plaques, rock retaining walls / elements and benches were added. “


“It has been completely replaced by weeds in the last few months,” says Lisa. “So much so that you can’t enjoy all of the new vegetation. It is evident that this $ 900,000 beautification project will be discontinued. If the city is unable to take care of him, maybe a neighborhood club would be willing to organize a group to rid him of weeds. It would be great to see more of this type of improvement along our bike and hiking trails, but there needs to be a plan to maintain the area. “

The city is on it.

Jessica Campbell, Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Albuquerque Parks and Recreation, says, “We’re working with the same local company that installed the landscaping to keep this area as part of their contract for the next two years. After that, Clean Cities takes over the care and maintenance of the site.

“When we create natural habitats for pollinators, we have to wait for the seeds to grow large enough to be identified and differentiated before the weeds can weed. The landscapers are deployed every two weeks during the growing season to do general maintenance and check the growth and health of the plants. It’s also important to note that once the plants are fully grown, they will always look a bit “wild” as native plant sites – similar to what they do in the foothills or other beautiful natural areas in Albuquerque. The hope is that this native plant community will become relatively self-sufficient. We appreciate the patience of the community while these seedlings continue to grow! ”

MVD NOW SENDING TITLES: This means that you no longer have to leave the office when your vehicle title is fresh from the printer.

An MVD press release said it was all about safety, and Tax and Treasury Secretary Stephanie Schardin Clarke said, “We know customers prefer to leave the office with a new title, but this is an important step we have to take blank title forms from the wrong hands. “

MVD advises vehicle owners to “make an appointment to obtain a new title and registration as soon as possible after purchasing a vehicle. New titles and registrations are usually processed and sent to the owner within a business day or two of the transaction. “

Also, once you’ve paid off a car loan, “get yourself a new title. … This updates the department’s records to show that the vehicle is out of lien and provides the owner with a title that is ready for transfer should they decide to sell the vehicle. “

And if you need a replacement title, you can request one at Open the menu of the online services and select “eservices”. The replacement fee is $ 5.

REPAVIER US 84 IN ABIQUIU: The New Mexico Department of Transportation District 5 office said in a press release that crews will begin cleanup of US 84 today. The work will last from mile 216 to 223.5 km, and the 7.5 mile project, which will include new paving and strips, is scheduled to run from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., six days a week, weather permitting , and lasts for 27 days.

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