MCHS students donate time to renovate school’s landscaping | News

A group of McMinn County High School students recently set out to improve an area of ​​the school.

The renovation work included the students creating a garden at one of the school hallway entrances.

“They were cleaning up and throwing some mulch and just trying to help the campus, especially this entrance,” said Joe Young, director of McMinn County High School. “They made it look as nice as possible and I know they worked hard on it, so we’re grateful for their time.”

Young believes the garden will improve the look of the school to campus visitors.

“We can be proud of that,” said Young. “When people drive by and see it, it only represents us in a good light.”

He believes the students were motivated by their good natures.

“You are ready to help,” he said. “They have the ability to make the little piece of earth they touch look as good as possible, and that is something to be proud of.”

Young added that the students’ work shows their commitment to the school.

“It shows a lot of the pride we have in McMinn County High School,” he explained. “We just want to make sure we represent that pride all along. We are proud of our tribe. “

He believes that once the garden is completed, it will be of benefit to the entire student body.

“When students come in and see that we care about what the school looks like and that others care about what the school looks like, it only makes for a better academic environment,” said Young. “It leads to a better social environment and a sense of pride. We’re grateful to everyone who helped make it something to be proud of. “

As part of the renovation, several local companies donated to the students, and school officials also thanked these organizations.

• The Waupaca Foundry made and donated two new benches / picnic tables.

• Lowe’s Store # 1196 donated 35 paving stones, 50 bags of red mulch and sold 150 bags of brown mulch at a special price.

• Marquez and Kay Aguilar donated for the yard project and for the class dance.

• Roxanne Dingess donated to the farm project.

• Michael Neyenhaus, who works in Waupaca, helped remove all the old things from the yard and put in the new ones.

• Domino’s of Athens donated pizza for the class dance.

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