Median Landscaping & Ben Allen’s BBQ | Opinion Columnists

Please wait! The year is going too fast! It’s almost the turning point of the year as we return at the end of the year! Too fast!

* Here is some long-awaited good news! Many of you on this side of the bridge have noticed how sad the mean landscaping has looked over the past year and it seemed like the discomfort has been overlooked, but WAIT! You heard us! The middle landscaping along US 41 East, from 951 to Government Center and along parts of 951 towards Marco Island that needed attention has begun (thanks Pam and so many others!) The dead plants are being removed that Fancy sprinkler heads are replaced, the trees get the necessary attention and soon this area can also be viewed with pride! Thanks everyone for your help! Teamwork at its best!

* Much of what I write this time of year is specifically for those who live in the north during the summer, but some even live here but don’t get all the news from other sources so here is a BIG slice of excitement! Everyone has heard of Ben Allen and his band, and most have seen his performance on The Voice. No, he didn’t win, but he was sure that he was up there with the last top 9 winners! We couldn’t tear ourselves away from the TV when it appeared. Well Ben and Brooks Burgers co-owner Todd Brooks are going to open a new local pub for us !!! It will be located in the epicenter of East Naples and Marco Island. It was mentioned as South Naples, but THERE IS NO SOUTH Naples … try to find it on a map or on signs on I-75. Try to find it in local stories. You can find it mostly where the agents tried to rename it so it “sounds better to others”. We are East Naples and we are doing BETTER! I’ve always said don’t change the name; change what is happening to a better place! Check out Bayshore, for heaven’s sake. What a difference to then and now! We are changing and improving and making East Naples GREAT! (not South Naples) I have newspaper first edition stories depicting with pictures when they moved the county seat from Everglades City to east Naples after Hurricane Donna wiped out Everglades City in 1950. Nobody has ever heard of south Naples. So they’ll reopen the upgraded former Brooks Burgers at the renamed “Ben Allen’s Backyard” Grill & Pub at 12655 Tamiami Trail East in Freedom Square. They completely redesigned the interior of the restaurant after Todd Brooks approached Ben Allen about the idea of ​​collaborating on a restaurant. Ben and his band are often entertained there. They plan to host trivia nights and open mic nights, among other things! This is a favorite with so many people! And it is definitely the right place !!! We are working on T-shirts and / or hats from Ben Allen. You will have 20 TV screens inside, plus a 3 by 6 foot screen in the back yard of the restaurant! Their menu has been greatly expanded and their “margaritas are cooked right!” The Ben Allen Band will perform in the new location (but the same old location as Brooks Burgers in Freedom Square Mall) on Friday June 25th and Saturday June 26th! You won’t want to miss this! This is another great venue coming to east Naples! We keep getting bigger and better as the months go by! I’m sure Todd Brooks & Ben Allen will delight the whole community with this entertainment. It’s an easy drive to Golden Gate and East Naples and Marco Island, but just as easy to Goodland, Isles of Capri and Bayshore! I have a strange feeling that they’re going to expand so fast that they’ll have to buy Publix to keep everyone! Well, this may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I’m sure it will grow right away. Smart move by Todd Brooks! Great move to keep people entertaining with Ben Allen and his band and lots of other entertainers can join in over time.

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