MSU’s Landscaping Services Implementing ‘Greener’ Practices

Visitors to the Michigan State University campus may soon notice that landscapers are using quieter, greener equipment.

The infrastructure planning and plant landscape services at MSU are working on transforming campus areas into “green zones”.

They are places where routine floor maintenance work is carried out using low-noise, zero-emission equipment such as battery-powered trimmers.

Operations Supervisor Josh Ridner says Brody Square is one of the places where autonomous robotic lawn mowers are used.

“And then this area is supported with the hand tools for edge processing, and the [weed] Hitting and trimming along these areas will also be battery operated. “

The transition provides convenience from a worker safety standpoint, no emissions or toxins are produced and the risk of workplace injuries due to less extensive energy equipment is reduced.

Says Ridner, “It’s almost like a promise, it tells us that if we call this a green zone, we will do all of our routine maintenance with these devices.”

Other locations on the MSU campus are:

  • Demonstration hall
  • The Spartan “Sparty” statue
  • 1855 location
  • WJ Beal Botanical Garden

The areas on the MSU campus will be among the first in the state to be certified by the American Green Zone Alliance.

McKoy’s story is presented to you as a partnership between WKAR and the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism at Michigan State University.

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