Negaunee Township using recycled glass in landscaping

NEGAUNEE TOWNSHIP, Michigan (WLUC) – If you were wondering what can be done with recycled glass, the Negaunee Township Office staff have found a good use for it. They have been using the ground glass for mulch in their flower beds for about a month.

The glass is ground to get rid of the sharp edges and make it safe to handle. There are two different ways they can be made, a sand-like, finely ground glass and a lumpy one. The township supervisor says it’s great to be able to show the public how the recycled material is used.

“The stuff we use is about 3/8 inch pieces of glass, they’re not sharp, we use it for mulch, and it held up well, it holds up on our slopes, and it’s awesome. and when you look at it in daylight, it sparkles, ”said Gary Wommer, Negaunee Township Supervisor.

Negaunee Township is also preparing for its scrap tire collection, which will take place on July 19th from 3pm to 7pm. This collection is funded by a cleaning grant from Michigan’s Environment Great Lakes & Energy or EGLE.

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