New artificial turf at DHS will be the first installation for Baldwin County Public Schools

DAPHNE, Ala. (WKRG) – The grass is green, but it gets a lot greener if you ask Daphne High School Sporting Director Kenny King, who is excited about changes at Jubilee Stadium.

“Here at Daphne we’re super excited and we’re excited that this is going to happen and the community is behind us and we’re super excited,” said King.

Progress Bank and other field sponsors are helping to finance a new artificial turf for the Daphne Trojans this year. The high school will be the first in Baldwin County’s public school system to feature the new turf, something Coach King is proud of.

“Grass you have to keep out of the way so it can grow, and you have to give it time to rest and things like that. Hopefully everyone in the county will have the opportunity to walk on artificial turf, ”added Coach King.

Installation takes place after this season. Like most organizations, it was a challenge last year with the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty of sports programs, but King says things are looking good and the future of Daphne High School athletics is bright.

When we have this turf field, just get through the pandemic, go forward and then still get on with that turf field and first thing in the county we are very excited and it’s a great day for our community

The school has been collecting donations for more than a year.

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