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With April showers sure to bring May flowers, a new landscaping app makes it easy for residents of Catalina Foothills and North Tucson to maintain a good looking garden without working too hard.

Nashville-based app GreenPal has expanded its landscaping to the old pueblo by connecting homeowners with seasoned landscaping professionals from the Tucson area. According to Gene Caballero, co-founder of GreenPal, over 50 local lawn care companies have signed up to work with the app.

“Landscaping professionals typically don’t go too far than 10 to 15 miles or they don’t make money,” Caballero said. “We usually have a 40 to 50 mile radius within which our services are offered. That’s why we like to work with many local landscapers. “

Using the app is pretty straightforward: Green Pal customers fill in their landscaping needs and the date they prefer the service into the app. Then local lawn care providers offer for the job. After the bidding process is complete, the customer can choose which company to use based on the price, company reviews and customer ratings. Best of all, GreenPal has no registration fee to use the app and there is no long-term commitment, Caballero said.

The co-founder said he worked in the landscaping industry for most of his life, and the profession helped him make money through high school and college. Caballero came up with the idea for GreenPal almost 10 years ago when he was doing his first corporate job on the West Coast, he said.

“I was familiar with newer technologies like Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb platforms and knew that someone who would call a stranger to pick them up and take them across town would eventually do the same thing with lawn maintenance.” Said Caballero. “We launched the idea in 2012 and finally put it into operation in 2014. Today we are represented in 48 states and 250 major markets. “

According to Caballero, expanding GreenPal to the Tucson market was an easy choice because the area has a variety of landscaping tasks and residents are short on time.

“We only let our data speak. We see where homeowners are interested in our services before we start operations and review that data every few weeks, ”Caballero said. “This is how we decide where we want to start next. There is no rocket science behind this. “

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