Newport Landscaping helping out Community Care of West Niagara with donation

Sometimes building a community requires landscaping. But it also needs strong community organizations.

To show their appreciation, Newport Landscaping is donating $ 2,000 to Community Care of West Niagara.

Dave Klassen, owner of Newport Landscaping, said the company wanted to give back to the community.

He said they chose to donate to Community Care of West Niagara (CCWN), in part because they are the local members of Feed Ontario.

In total, the landscape company donated $ 2,000 to CCWN.

“We wanted to give something back,” said Klassen.

Lynda O’Donnell, community engagement manager at CCWN, said the group was grateful for the donation. They planned to use it for bulk grocery shopping to make sure the shelves would stay full.

“People out there are having problems,” said O’Donnell.

“By and large, our donations have decreased,” she said, adding that the donation would ensure that “our customers are fed”.

O’Donnell said the group is receiving fewer direct food donations and many of their fundraising drives have been canceled.

CCWN is currently still closed to the public, O’Donnell said, and there are currently no plans to change that.

She said closing it to the public will allow the organization to serve more people. Contact tracing and physical distancing would be required to allow the public into the building.

Without volunteers, there are only six people working to keep things moving.

The group hopes more volunteers can get their second doses of COVID-19 vaccine and safely resume volunteering.



O’Donnell wanted everyone to know they should call CCWN if they were in need. In addition to the Tafel, the group is involved in more than 25 programs.

For more information, visit or call them at 905-563-5822.

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