Northern Nevada housing boom impacting local landscaping company

RENO, Nevada (KOLO) – The real estate boom in northern Nevada is affecting local businesses. Gail Willey Landscaping said it was challenging to keep up with demand.

General Manager and President John Willey said business picked up again in the fall and he was fortunate to be recovering from the pandemic. The company is already booked for the whole year and is rejecting potential customers.

“A lot of California people move here, the real estate market is huge,” said Willey. “It’s a lot of brand new building, landscaping, but we also do a lot of renovation work so a lot of people are renovating their existing landscapes on older homes.”

Although business is good, it is not always a good problem. Willey said, “We’re just overwhelmed and it’s hard to grow. We can’t really increase our crew because the job market is too tight here and everyone is busy. It’s almost impossible to hire new people. “

“We’re currently booked with leads that we haven’t even processed. We have hundreds of leads that haven’t been processed yet.”

Willey said the company normally closed out in June, but it was March when planning was completed for the year.

The company is currently encouraging potential customers to contact them in the fall.

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