Nothing Like Landscaping Your Michigan Home

Landscaping is hard work undoubtedly, but if you keep up with it, you can really transform the look of your home, adding value and marketing appeal.

I sold a house a few years ago and worked on that property for 16 years. That was a long time and it gave me the time to really make this place look better than when I bought the house.

The original homeowner did a few things, but it was a hack job and there was so much around the property that it was never touched.

Over time, I planted trees with paint, removed some dead or useless trees. I planted bushes and several perennial flowers because they are easy to care for and come back every year.

Well I bought a new place a few years ago that has not been inhabited in over 4 years. Needless to say, they really run down the place in terms of landscaping.

I will say that the lady who owned the house planted a lot of things that bloom at different times of the year, so from spring to autumn almost one flower blooms.

I kept most of the bushes on the property, but this year I moved tons of flowers that were in random locations so now even the barn looks better because I planted it there.

Last year I did the back of the house because that’s where everyone comes in, and I’d looked at a lot and new of what I wanted to plant. I stole my own idea from my last house for the back of my new house. I really liked these bushes and flowers that I planted in my last place, then added some new plants and a rose bush and the back turned out to be great.

I stared at my landscaping for two years until I finally figured out what to plant. Yes, I’ll be using a few bushes that I liked in the last spot, but everything else is new plants for the front of the house.

When you do a job like this, it’s important to get it right because it’s so hard work that you don’t have to do it again and you want to make it easy to take care of.

A good thing to do is remove about 4 to 8 inches of the top floor if you can, especially if it hasn’t been any new dirt in a long time. Once that is cleared up, put in your new dirt and invest in the material that will prevent weed growth and stop worrying about what is stated in the instructions. If you cover this soil well and have the ramp on the wall of the house and whatever you use for your flower beds, 95% of you will no longer need to weed it. Yes, you will get weeds every now and then due to the mood, but this is much better than having your plants covered in weeds.

It also helps to leave some space between your plants, and once you know their root patterns, you can actually sneak a little weed killer between them to keep your plants weed-free. Again, make sure you know the root pattern of the plants and never spray anywhere near the plant.

Once you’ve covered your soil, cut your holes for plants. Once you’ve removed the dirt, it never hurts to put some gravel underneath to help drain your plants, and it will make them grow much better.

When you have all of your plants in there, you can add wood chips or gravel to cover your weed control material and make your landscaping look great.

It never hurts to drive around looking for ideas in other homes, not to mention the plethora of ideas you can find online.

Good luck with your landscaping project. I have 18 flowers, bushes and trees to plant and the front of my house will look amazing, add to my house value and if I sell it will sure be easier to sell if it already looks awesome.

You will also realize how therapeutic planting can be and when to sit in a garden chair and look at your work. It’s damn nice when you’re done.

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