Ocala landscaping company sued by Florida Attorney General for targeting seniors

A landscaping company based in Ocala is being sued by the Florida Attorney General for allegedly “targeting seniors with false promises and incomplete work.”

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody filed the lawsuit on behalf of more than 125 complainants, who say the owners and managers of Service Smart, a defunct local landscaping service, failed to provide certain services and the quality and timing of the services provided have misrepresented, according to a press release from the Federal Prosecutor’s Office.

The complaint was filed in the Fifth Judicial District in and on behalf of Marion County against Service Smart Inc., Service Smart Management Inc., Good Neighbor Landscape Inc. and Good Neighbor Service Management Inc., aka Good Neighbor Services (“Service Smart”) and its owners, and Managers Kenneth Wayne Smith, Aaron Paul Gaines and Roy Blackburn.

The complaint stated that the group’s actions resulted in “$ 118,000 in lost consumer funds”.

“This operation, which targets Florida seniors, has nothing good or neighborhood about it. The defendants in this case must now answer for the fact that they have unabashedly targeted these consumers with false promises and unfinished jobs, ”Moody said in the statement.

According to the investigation, the Attorney General’s Office received more than 125 complaints against Service Smart for misrepresentation of services and non-provision of services. More than 120 of the complaints were submitted by seniors and military personnel.

Service Smart has allegedly misrepresented the schedule, schedule, or frequency of landscaping and pest control services to consumers through fraudulent contracts, flyers, invoices, and sales pitches.

In addition, the complaint states that Service Smart used fraudulent sales tactics to mislead the product quality or the type of vegetation used on projects.

The lawsuit seeks to permanently prevent Smith, Gaines and Blackburn from owning, operating, or otherwise participating in a business that provides landscaping or pest control services. It would also require owners to issue a refund or refund totaling more than $ 118,000 to consumers deceived by the system.

The lawsuit could hold Service Smart liable for more than $ 1.8 million in civil and aggravated penalties for violating the Florida Misleading and Unfair Commercial Practices Act.

To view the full 42-page complaint, visit the Florida Attorney General’s website.

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