Ottawa Council drops contract with landscaping company that worked on Thorton Park improvements

OTTAWA – The City of Ottawa has terminated its contract with a landscaping company that was involved in improvements to Thornton Park. At a special meeting of the city council on Tuesday, Mayor Dan Aussem justified the decision on the grounds that the work was not done on time.

Aussem says Hacienda Landscaping is not qualified to complete the job due to its lack of participation in any city-mandated training program.

Maria Guzman, owner of Hacienda Landscaping, says they had been registered for an apprenticeship program since 2017, but their union contract expired in late May and that’s when problems with the city began.

According to Aussem, the company has never signed up for an apprenticeship program, according to the Illinois Department of Labor. The work of Hacienda should be finished by the end of the month, now it is up to the city to offer the project again and to finish it by the end of next summer.

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