Outdoor water-saving tips for spring gardens and landscaping

(Photo from Pixabay)

Hays Post

The growing season is here and with it the water consumption outdoors increases.

Whether you’re planting a garden or planning a landscaping, Holly Dickman, Hays Water Conservation Specialist, has some tips on how to conserve water outdoors.

* Prepare the soil for maximum water penetration by adding organic matter.
* Grow only what you know in the garden to limit watering needs.
* Choose the right plant for the right place at the right time.
* Avoid low-yielding plants for space / water requirements.
* Apply mulch after the soil has warmed up.
* Proceed with routine garden and landscaping maintenance.

For more tips on outdoor water use, visit the Hays Dept. website. of Water Resources at www.watersmarthays.com.

The Kansas Garden Guide is available online for free at https://bookstore.ksre.ksu.edu/pubs/s51.pdf.

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