Outstanding landscaping at new Wintco Building

Last year I wrote about great landscaping for businesses and organizations in Shawnee. This article is about the new building on Harrison at Wallace, a location that once housed a Sonic drive-in.

The Wintco organization sold its building on the northeast corner of downtown Main and Beard and recently moved to the new facility, where it processes business records and transactions for a number of drive-ins in Oklahoma and Texas.

The new single story building was built by Gregg Brown Homes. The landscaping was done by Christine Brown and Daniel Ratcliff. Christine is a member of the Multi-County Master Gardener Association. Daniel and his helpers installed the landscaping.

In order to provide good support for the plants, a soil cloth was placed over the planting areas and finally decomposed granite was placed over the cloth, which provides weed protection but allows water to penetrate the plant roots. A big advantage of granite over mulch is that the wind doesn’t blow it away. Located on the west side of Harrison Street, the front location would be exposed to both north and south winds.

The planting areas near the street are planted with Color Guard Yucca and ornamental grasses. Both withstand the ravages of high winds and constant traffic on Harrison. Significant installations include Columnar Blue Atlas Cedar, Little Chasteberry, and Blue Pacific Juniper. Smaller plants are Nana Nandinas, Kaleidoscope Abelia.

Large boulders are placed as accents in the landscapes. Many different ornamental grasses include Dwarf Hamlin Grass, Sweet Flag Grass, Silver Dragon Loriope, and Dwarf Mondo Grass.

Congratulations to the Wintco organization for providing this beautiful addition to the Harrison Street Corridor.

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