Pasco County man uses social media to teach world about edible landscaping

Edible landscaping

A Pasco County man says edible landscaping has many benefits, and even those with “brown fingers” can.

On his YouTube channel, Pete Kanaris teaches his thousands of followers how to turn their garden into a food forest.

“Through edible landscaping, you know, when I found out you can actually plant things that you can eat, it was like someone turned the lights on for me,” Kanaris explained. “I’ve been planting plants for a long time that just didn’t make sense, you know, things that we just prune to look at, and we’ve started diversifying into things that are safe to eat …

Kanaris is the owner of GreenDreams, a company specializing in ecological landscaping.

“We know that not everyone out there can afford our service. Hence our idea is to give everyone the tools they need to do this at home. We’ll show you how it’s done from the first step to the last We’re really trying to give this education away for free, spread the knowledge, show people how exciting it can be to go outside to plant things ” said Kanaris.

He can literally eat from his back yard.

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“If you look at the forests, they are very self-made in terms of maintenance. They are very diverse. There are all kinds of types. There are leaf litter, there are nitrogen-fixing plants.

There is no irrigation. There’s no fertilizer, you know, so our systems mimic nature, everything we see in nature, “shared Kanaris.
And some of these plants serve additional purposes.

“If you look for elderberry syrup online, it’s just powerful medicine, a strong plant for the benefit of predatory insects, and just a nice one to have in the landscape,” explained Kanaris.

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He added, “It’s not just about feeding us. It’s about feeding the beneficial and predatory insects. So we don’t just plant things to feed ourselves. We plant things that the bees, the butterflies, will bring in. “

Kanaris also started making TikToks to educate the younger generation.

“One of the main reasons I got into this business is because I have a little kid and I wanted something that would make me sleep a little better at night, and if we want to fix a tree we don’t do it, don’t start at the top We start with the roots. And then I see the kids as the future. They are the roots. So you know, playing with that TikTok audience and getting that crowd excited was just great for us, “commented Kanaris .

He has established fans all over the world, including celebrities.

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“You know I get emails. Clear. India, China, Africa, Greece, Mexico. People like Will Smith, Snoop Dogg, recently Jenny McCarthy commented on one of my videos and asked us if we were going to California, ”said Kanaris.

He said there are three things to consider when starting out.

“Mulch is number one. A good plan would be number two and number three, starting in this zone one, start near your house. Do you know if it’s a zone, a vegetable garden, an herb garden and work your way outside Don’t start too big and too fast, “said Kanaris.

His growing audience grows with him.

“There’s no comparison. Once you’ve planted this tree and tasted this fruit, you can’t go back to the grocery store and buy a store-bought banana. So it’s really just an amazing connection, once you’ve made that Gave people these tools, they tried it, they planted it themselves, “explained Kanaris.

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