Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy Training Reduces Injuries for Landscaping Company

W.When Rick Longnecker, owner of Buds & Blades Landscaping, brought his team to Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy in Olympia earlier in the season, he wasn’t sure how they would react. The aim was to learn about routes and safe ways to perform job-related tasks that can prevent injury. As is so often the case with compulsory job-related training, Longnecker expected some resistance.

Nine months after their workshop at Penrose & Associates, the Buds & Blades Landscaping team are still stretching each morning to reduce the risk of injury. Photo courtesy Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy

Ten months later this resistance did not occur. “I thought there would be people who would shop and others who would not do it at all,” he says. “That was not the case. Every morning we do stretches before they get in the trucks and drive off. ”

Buds & Blades was recognized by the National Association of Landscape Professionals for its safety record, nonetheless injuries would occur. Then, while pondering ways to minimize the risk, Longnecker’s back went out. He had cramps and sometimes couldn’t move for days. While looking for a solution, he found Penrose & Associates and was impressed with their treatments.

“They take a holistic approach,” explains Longnecker. “They look at what’s going on and how to get you not to get hurt, but also how you can prevent this from happening in the future. They gave me realistic exercises that are easy to follow, easy to remember, and applicable to whatever I might be doing in my job. ”

He was inspired to share this information with the rest of the team. In March all of the staff spent several hours in the clinic doing learning exercises and being examined for functional movement. A few weeks later, the Penrose group visited them at the construction site to watch them perform various tasks. “They showed us what we did wrong and what we did right,” says Longnecker.

Approximately 80% of Buds & Blades employees speak Spanish as their first language. Fortunately, a member of the Penrose team is also fluent and can explain everything to the group in their native language. “That really helped to fill the gap,” says Longnecker.

Since that early workout, the company has had no muscle tension-related injuries. In addition, the daily stretch has created a sense of community among the workers. “The boys are in a better mood in the morning,” notes Longnecker. “It puts us all on the same page and promotes a bit of wellness.”

He appreciates Penrose & Associates’ bespoke approach to nursing. “It was geared towards our calling,” he says. “They took that into account and then encouraged us to take a better path. It wasn’t like, “Here you are. You have to live with it, but instead,” Let’s get well and get you on a better path. “For more information or to make an appointment, visit the Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy website or by phone at 360-456-1444.


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