Plant sale promotes native plant use in landscaping

HOUGHTON, Michigan (WLUC) – The Keweenaw Wild Ones have a special plant sale this week.

The group is part of a national organization that promotes the planting of native plant species around people’s homes to strengthen their local ecosystems.

All plants are $ 2.50 each and $ 15 for an eight tray.

Chapter President Marcia Goodrich says you can order your plants now and pick them up in Houghton this weekend.

“They’re easy to grow, you put them in the right place and care for them for a couple of weeks and they’ll be ready for use,” said Goodrich. “You don’t have to water it. You hardly need to look after them and they come up year after year and bloom for you. “

Goodrich says orders should be placed by this weekend, but if you need any after that time frame, please feel free to contact them on the website above.

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