Please Don’t Cut the Daffodils! Careless landscaping at Bayonet Farm upsets longtime Holmdel resident

HOLMDEL, NJ – It appears to be Landscaping 101. Cut grass, not flowers. Especially when the flowers, more precisely daffodils, are on the famous bayonet farm in Holmdel.

A new employee from Donofrio Landscaping, Holmdel’s salesman, didn’t know the difference, according to Holmdel officials. It didn’t go well with longtime resident and volunteer Jenny Blumenthal.

Blumenthal was disgusted that daffodils were being mowed on the bayonet farm. “I’m pretty sick to see that the lawnmowers you just gave more work to, Donofrio, for mowing the dog park got a little too adorable when they mowed the daffodils in a memorial garden next to the Harding house.”

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“They just installed the new bench for Sam Shramko there and the poor bench is now just in front of a green lump with nothing on it, apart from a sign saying that this is a memorial garden that reminds people, which were killed in 911 and since the daffodils were planted by volunteers who spent quite a bit of money on it and it was beautiful, and those indescribably stupid lawnmowers have mowed these daffodils at least five times and possibly twice this year, even when the flowers were in bloom “I find it a little hard to believe that these people could be so stupid as not to see flowers bloom. Is there anything that has been done to correct this situation?” Explained Blumnethal.

Mayor Buontempo stated, “The landscapers running over daffodils shouldn’t pass. Can we get DPW out there to demarcate areas where lawnmowers shouldn’t cut around or approach or go in?” he asked staff. “Our volunteers do an amazing job of helping things keep things beautiful and it’s frustrating to hear.”

Deputy Mayor Weber said she was devastated when she heard about it. She volunteered to fence the affected area. “Personally, I’m ready to put the little whatever it is, an 18-inch white picket fence around the edge of the daffodil bed to make it clearer that it’s a flower bed and not to be mowed when which is helpful because I enjoyed the bench and those daffodils and am actually devastated to hear that. “

Administrator Rountree said it broke her heart. “So, I’ve heard … this is the first time I’ve heard the daffodils have been mowed, the first time I’ve heard it happened before. I heard about that time. We met trying hard for the company it was a new hire. apparently these companies are having trouble with sales right now and i agree i have no idea how anyone can see daffodils and mow over them. we reached out to the company we as We know it won’t happen again. The idea of ​​adding some kind of barrier is a great idea to explore. So here we are with the daffodils. It was heartbreaking too. “

I wandered lonely like a cloud
That swims on high valleys and hills,
When I suddenly saw a crowd
All kinds of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, under the trees
Fluttering and dancing in the wind.
– William Wordsworth, I wandered lonely as a cloud

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