Please sort out landscaping in Eastbourne town centre

I noticed Annemarie Field recently commented on the state of the carpet gardens. Click to read and was pleased to see the flower beds were installed later this week.

However, as far as the state of the landscaping in the city center is concerned, that has been a minor disaster since it was created in 2019.

The inspection shows that many of the destroyed seedlings have been replaced with street fillers!

Eastbourne city center on the first day of the UK’s third national lockdown on 6/1/21 SUS-210601-134900001

Those that are left don’t stand a great chance of reaching maturity unless given shelter like the one planted at Chiswick Place.

The low-lying flower beds have exposed badly damaged membranes – as if they had been abandoned by those responsible.

Some people have so little respect for these flower beds that dog owners and parents allow their charges to walk on and through them.

Perhaps Annemarie could mention this downtown blemish in one of her weekly columns. It’s a shame that so much money was thrown downtown to get so little back. I often wonder if the county council members ever visit Terminus Road or Cornfield Road as it is obvious that something is missing and they are well positioned to make the city center look attractive.

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