Pool, landscaping and gardening boom continues into pandemic’s second spring

ALBANIA – This past summer pool installers were busier than ever, landscaping quickly booked out, and hardware stores ran out of garden supplies as people across the country stayed home and invested in their outdoor spaces. A year later – even if the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel seems closer than ever – the boom in outdoor work is not subsiding.

“The pool season this year will be a lot busier than last year,” said Jamie Georgelos, manager at Alpin Haus in Amsterdam. “Last year we sold out very quickly for the season. Last year we had a lot planned for projects this year. We have already started booking projects for 2022. “

“The good news is that at this particular time last year we were actually closed due to the COVID-19 state mandate,” said Georgelos. “We started our first pool installation today. The ability to get started early is a great thing for us and all of our customers. “

Pool installers and landscapers across the capital region all said the same thing: there is an overflow from last year when their summer calendars were already booked and the demand for new work keeps coming.

“We are already very busy, we have work left over from last year that we couldn’t achieve, and we have probably three months of work this year,” said Bob Grives, co-owner of Faddegon’s Latham Kindergarten.

Stone, bricks, and paving stones are running out, as is anything shipped from overseas or across the country, Grives said of the landscaping at his shop, but his plant life is fine as they’re usually sourced locally.

Pusatere Landscapes publishes at least 10, if not more, estimates a week, said Chrstine Richardson, manager for the Albany business. Attempts are also being made to hire more people for landscaping, but he is having a hard time finding people to fill these jobs.

Seed sales at Hewitt’s Garden Center have risen again. “We’re still seeing a few first-time visitors,” said Patti Marx, an assistant manager at the garden centre’s Scotia location.

Marx assumes that gardening supplies will quickly run out again this year. There is currently a shortage of plastic bottles so everything from watering cans to plant fertilizer that comes in plastic bottles has been difficult to store, Marx said.

Richardson of Pusatere Landscaping believes the trend of investing in outdoor spaces will continue.

“I think [the pandemic] made people see a whole different side of life, ”said Richardson. “Even when it’s over, people will spend more time together in their outdoor areas.”

According to Richardson, new decks can range from $ 6,000 to $ 25,000 and inground pools can range from $ 15,000 to $ 25,000. “People have invested a lot of money. I don’t think that’s going to change, ”said Richardson.

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