Proposed Ban on Landscaping Tools Likely to Cause a Spike in Strata Fees, Critic Says

A landscaping company owner noted that the motions two Vancouver councilors had brought to the court were boisterous and could cost a lot of money.

In the motions, city councils propose banning two-stroke petrol engines such as hedge trimmers and leaf blowers.

If any of the proposals were approved – although they have yet to be discussed at a council meeting – Vancouver landscapers would have to switch to electrical appliances to keep their businesses going.

In an interview with CTV News, Lawn Care Plus founder Kyler Reid stated that the electrical alternatives are not a viable solution as they are not durable. In addition, these power tools are expensive and require constant battery changes.

The two motions of city councilors Sarah Kirby-Yung and Adriane Carr will be presented separately in a council meeting next week.

Although the individual applications differ in their intricate details, both cite noise pollution and negative environmental impacts as the main reasons for proposing the ban.

Reid doesn’t deny that these machines make a lot of noise. But even then, he recommends providing landscapers with a viable alternative before such a ban is issued.

Reid said the additional fees that would have to be passed on to her clientele would in turn drive up shift fees.

On the other hand, the two proposals propose that the ban be implemented gradually over the next few years. This would give staff ample time to evaluate the ideas and see if progress can be made on electric landscaping machinery.

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