Reader’s View: Public landscaping needs maintaining, too

I recently drove to the renovated Duluth Airport to meet an arriving family. It is a beautiful facility that has been well and lavishly designed. But, like the landscaping of Piedmont Avenue, it has been neglected. Tall grass and weeds thrive. Using the sophisticated term “pollinator habitat” to define a patch of weeds and tall grass doesn’t change what it is. It’s still a patch of weeds and tall grass. Thistles used to be a harmful weed.

The mothers and fathers of the town of Duluth should take a drive to Superior and see how the road projects along Belknap Avenue, Tower Avenue, and East Second Street along the bay have been enhanced by landscaping, which has for the most part been well maintained.

It is time not to use public funds on projects where non-maintenance has been demonstrated. Or, as part of a project, a plan for proper maintenance needs to be developed and those responsible need to be held accountable.

William Lundberg


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