Real Estate Checklist: Landscaping Trends

Real estate expert Bonnie Loya and her home buying buddy have more on this year’s landscaping trends!

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– – While the news that spring is coming this Saturday makes us itch to come out and freshen up the yard and plant some flowers, our next guest says wait. There are some things that we need to think about first. Home listing expert Bonnie Loya is here with a checklist of what’s in and what’s not in landscaping trends this year. Good morning, Bonnie.

BONNIE LOYA: Good morning, Heather. How are you?

– – I am great. But I itches to go outside. We have a long list of things we want to do with our garden, both in the front and in the garden. I am glad that you are here. And we’re really going to get into what comes out first. And that’s whether you want to buy a new home, sell your home, or just want to spice it up.

BONNIE LOYA: I agree. You know that every year you have to reevaluate your garden areas. And this time we’re going to start with what comes out first. Some of the things are good things. I am glad to see you go. And then we have some fun things to put what’s in there.

The first things that come out are invasive plants. These plants take over and eliminate some other things in your garden. So if you’re curious about what invasive plants are, a full list can be found at

– – So we’re talking about things like ivy, right? This can really take over your garden.

BONNIE LOYA: I agree. Things that take over. They don’t have natural controls in our western PA environment so they can really take over the farm.

– – OK. And the other thing you have here is weed material.

BONNIE LOYA: . Exactly weed tissue is unsightly when the mulch blows off. It makes it very difficult to plant flowers or other plants, and weeds can still grow in them. So that’s out. Exposed mulch is out. Plenty of potted plants on terraces? That’s gone.

– – Oh no come on

BONNIE LOYA: They really take up the patio space and you know they take a lot of water and sometimes they make the areas look cluttered.

The story goes on

– – You know, and my husband will deal with the exposed mulch because he loves to buy his mulch every year and put it around the house.


– – And last on your list, what’s out there – apply chemicals and weed killers.

BONNIE LOYA: I agree. The chemicals we apply to lawns not only kill the weeds, they also kill the natural nutrients in the soil. So you want to increase the nutrients in the soil so that things grow and not necessarily kill them.

– – Good. So let’s get down to the fun stuff, Bonnie. Because we were showing a picture as we set out to break something that – we asked if it was in or out. And this one makes the cut.

BONNIE LOYA: Yes it does. So we really want to try and plant native plants for western Pennsylvania. This enables a low maintenance requirement for the garden areas. As you can see, this beautiful red is – I think it’s a red cardinal. These types of plants attract birds and butterflies and bring the gardens to life.

– – So we’re looking for things that are native to the region, pollinators – as you described them – and low maintenance. And the other thing you said is multifunctional living rooms and outdoor kitchens. And boy, wouldn’t we all love this?

BONNIE LOYA: These are great rooms. With everyone working from home today, we all need a break from our home office. The outdoor living spaces we create with you, pizza ovens, fire pits, drink stations – these are great areas to take a break from your home office and really enjoy the outdoors. Enjoy everything that comes with summer. You really – you can add stone paving stones and various materials and create multiple living spaces there.

– – Sounds like something – if you can – that is safe to invest in. And then I love this idea – edible landscapes.

BONNIE LOYA: That’s a lot of fun too. Her edible landscapes include things like low blueberries, elderberries, fruit trees. That can be really fun. They can bloom, so they are very, very pretty at this time of year. And you can eat them. It’s a great option.

– – OK, I feel like I won’t be up to speed on this next one. Vertical gardening. Is that … oh, I know what that is! I saw that.

BONNIE LOYA: So vertical gardening is a great thing for urban areas. You can – they allow you to create privacy. You can use different types of vegetables to create this. You can use vines and other things like this. And once they are established, they can also help with shade in the area. So it’s a great option for people who live in an urban setting.

– – I love it. Look how nice that looks. Lastly, say, invest in outdoor lighting if you can.

BONNIE LOYA: I agree. LED lighting is a great way to add value to your garden area both in the front and in the back. All of your living spaces, you can – energy low, sustainable and you can really use them to highlight the wow factors in your yards.

– – Really nice. You gave us some great tips, Bonnie.

BONNIE LOYA: Very good. If someone wants to show us what they’re doing with your garden, we’d love to see it. So you could go to our website at and we can upload your photos and see what happens.

– – Good. Well thank you very much. Thank’s for the Tipps. I can’t wait to go outside, put on my gardening gloves, and get to work.

BONNIE LOYA: Well, I wanted to thank my good friend Christine from EcoLand. She provided us with all of this information. If you would like more information about Christine and EcoLand, please give us a call. Many Thanks.

– – Good. Thank you Bonnie. Good to see you as always.

BONNIE LOYA: Just as nice to see you.

– – And we thank Bonnie Loya for presenting today’s great advice and for presenting the Bonnie and Buddy segments here on PTL.

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