Rebroadcast: What’s The Story Behind New Hampshire’s Stone Walls?

Robert Frost famously said “good fences make good neighbors” and if you go for a woodland walk in New Hampshire you will likely find a stone wall. We speak to Kevin Gardner, a master stone builder and author of several books on the subject, about the enduring appeal of stone walls and how to build them. He explains the philosophy behind the craft of stone laying and examines the mythology of the stone wall and its place in the minds of New England.

This show originally aired on September 26, 2017.

Listen to the conversation.

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Kevin Gardner will speak at the Concord Public Library on September 26th at 6pm.

Hear Robert Frost read his poem “Mending Wall”:

Hear Robert Frost read “Mending Wall”

Repair the wall:

Visit the Stone Wall Initiative, which aims to advance the scientific understanding of stone walls and work to protect them as cultural and environmental resources.

Learn about the history, science, and poetry of the stone walls of New England in Earth Magazine.

Read more about Kevin Gardner’s projects in the New Hampshire Home and New Hampshire Magazine.

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