Recreation and Parks Board Approves Potrero Canyon Park Landscaping Contract

By SARAH SHMERLING | Editor-in-chief

The Board of Recreation and Park Commissioners of the City of Los Angeles approved the award of the landscaping contract for Potrero Canyon Park to Ford Engineering & Construction, Inc. during a virtual meeting on May 20.

Ford EC – the “lowest responsive and responsible bidder” according to a board report – had placed a bid of $ 8,892,394. The expected duration of the work is 10 months.

“As the Board of Directors may recall, the Board of Directors approved the final plans and specifications for this project as well as the tender back in January of this year,” said RAP Superintendent for Design, Maintenance and Construction, Darryl Ford.

The proposed scope of work for the project offering includes clearing and sledding, rebuilding the Palisades Recreation Center parking lot (including paving, banding parking spaces, installing signage and pathways in accordance with the Disabled Americans Act, and planting trees and shrubs in the middle Parking lot island) and smaller classification.

Other facets include installing irrigation systems throughout the canyon, installing landscaping (including plants, decorative boulders, and signage), building a prefabricated toilet at the top of the canyon, and building fences around the entire canyon.

“A total of 530 trees will be planted as part of the project,” says the board of directors’ report. “At the time of completion of construction, the new trees would provide approximately 2,098 square feet of canopy. Five years after construction is complete, these trees are expected to provide approximately 114,260 square feet of canopy. “

The project was advertised on January 21, and on March 11, the board announced that it had received seven offers. Ford EC’s bid was 5.8% lower than the city engineer’s construction cost estimate, which was quoted at $ 9,435,183.

When completed, the 46-acre passive park, which the city has developed for decades, will provide picnic areas and a path from the Palisades Recreation Center to the Pacific Coast Highway. There will be riverside landscapes, picturesque views of the sea, additional access to nearby hiking trails, and fences and gates to ensure compliance with parking times.

The City of Los Angeles’ Board of Recreation and Park Commissioners approved the naming of the upcoming Potrero Canyon Park in honor of late parishioner and activist George Wolfberg during a virtual meeting held Thursday, January 21.

Wolfberg, who died in February 2020, was chairman of the Potrero Canyon Community Advisory Committee, which was formed to help the city shape the project.

“This really is an example of lemonade making from lemons,” RAP Commissioner Joe Halper, a palisadier and Wolfberg employee, told the park during the January meeting. “There was a landslide in this area that caused a number of houses to fall into the canyon and the city took over those lots. The proceeds from the sale of the residential properties on this edge of the canyon will be used to fund this project. “

During the public comment portion of the meeting on May 20, Potrero Canyon Community Advisory Committee Vice-Chair David Card said they “are very happy to have this 30 year fill and sort program and now get in touch with the countryside comes into play “.

Card encouraged Recreation and Parks to raise funds from the state and federal government to cover the cost of a bridge connecting the park to the beach.

“Right now it’s a dead end and … people are jaywalking and it won’t be safe,” Card explained. “The first priority of our advisory board was a safe passage between the beach and the kilometer-long park.”

Following public comment, the Board of Recreation and Park Commissioners unanimously agreed to approve the board’s report.

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