Reviving your landscaping after February’s freeze

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – The immediate effects of last month’s winter storms have gone, but the impact of frozen temperatures on our lawns is reminiscent of the storm’s damage.

“Most of the plants that died were due to that prolonged frost,” said Bob Keenan of ABC Home & Commercial Services. “It was so cold for so many nights.”

ABC Home & Commercial Services stayed with Chris and Laura Clyburn in Memorial this morning. Some of her landscaping, particularly the ivy that covers her backyard fence, has been brown since freezing in Houston in February.

“We just hope ABC comes out and lets us know what was saved,” said Chris.

Keenan says the fig ivy in the Clyburn’s back yard is likely to recover, which serves as a warning to other homeowners with brown plants and shrubs.

“There are so many damaged things that will come back,” said Keenan. “Ask an expert to see what needs to be pulled and what does not need to be pulled.

What are some of the plants that can weather these freezing temperatures?

“Iris, agapanthus, nandina, boxwood, pittosporum, and ligustrum,” said Keenan.

And plants that aren’t expected to recover?

“The Indian hawthorn, the miniature bottle brush, the viburnum.”

When it comes to palm trees, Bob says some survive and some don’t.

“The queen palm, if it gets below 25 degrees, that palm will be gone.”

One thing that wasn’t ruined in the Clyburn’s yard was the “grass” in their back yard. They recently replaced their traditional grass with artificial turf, and Laura says the family hasn’t looked back.

“It’s a game changer,” she said.

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