Reynoldsburg planning commission tables project pending landscaping details

Two years after housing was denied for 9 acres along Wagoner Road, 80 townhouses were able to get the green light.

The Reynoldsburg Planning Commission unanimously voted on March 4 to submit a plan for a major site for Wilson Ridge Townhomes at 1220 Wagoner Road.

Pennsylvania-based developer JAS Builders LLC / John Spagnolo and Ryan Homes propose three-bedroom townhouses that are between 1,650 and 2,200 square feet.

The proposed townhouses include attached two-car garages.

The city’s board of appeal unanimously approved a conditional usage permit last month, which allows single-family homes on the 9-hectare site.

Approvals from both the BZBA and the planning commission are required for the project to proceed.

The members of the planning committee asked the developers to provide additional information on landscape and architectural details for the units facing Wagoner Road.

“I support the use. I think this is the right solution for the location in the city, but I think there are some pretty important details that need to be worked out here before we approve this, ”said Steven Hicks, member of the planning committee. “With how much control there is … and how many people are driving up and down Wagoner Road every day in this area of ​​the city, I think it is more important that we get it right than it is to speed it up.”

The motion could already be heard again at its next meeting on April 1st.

The density of the project is about 9 units per acre, according to a report from the zoning staff on Feb.22.

According to a traffic study by Sheffler and Company from January 2021, engineers suggested two entrances on Wagoner Road.

The traffic study, which was completed using pre-pandemic data, showed that the trend would generate an average daily number of journeys of 564 vehicles and would not require public improvements such as a turning lane or traffic signal.

If the project is approved, the developers will have to contribute to the planned improvements to Wagoner Road, city officials said.

Reynoldsburg worked with the Franklin County Engineer’s office on pavement plans on the west side of Wagoner Road. “The pre-planning will be done this year,” said Andrew Bowsher, head of development.

The city applied for a grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission to fund the creation of a third lane and put lighting on sidewalks on both sides of the street. Money would also help fund improvements at Pine Quarry Park.

The project is expected to cost up to $ 14 million, Bowsher said.

If OPWC funding were given, Wagoner Road improvements could begin as early as 2023, Bowsher said.

The site is also part of an existing tax increase funding district that spans approximately 800 acres from Wagoner Road west to Brice Road.

A TIF is an economic development mechanism available to local governments to fund improvements to public infrastructure. The taxable value of real estate is set at the value it holds at the time the Licensing Act is approved, and the resulting additional income is diverted for specific purposes such as improvements or infrastructure to support new development.

Reynoldsburg City Schools receive 100% of their share of property taxes, but the remaining funds are used for specific projects such as infrastructure improvement.

The city council rejected a proposal for Metro Development’s plot of land for a 120-unit apartment complex called Bentley House in February 2019.

Metro had agreed to add a turning lane from Wagoner Road to the complex, build a sidewalk that extends along the east side of the street to Main Street, and install a zebra crossing. The council turned down the request after local residents launched an online petition calling for “rooftop streets”.

At the beginning of 2020, the city revised its zone code and designated the property as a suburban apartment (SR), which enables conditional use as an attached single-family home.

Construction is scheduled to begin next year and will take about two years, Spagnolo said.

Wilson Ridge Townhomes is Spagnolo’s second project in Reynoldsburg.

In November, Spagnolo received Planning Commission approval for a similar townhouse project on 13 acres on Rosehill Road north of Rose Hill Elementary School.


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