Rock concert at Four Seasons Total Landscaping? Everything that’s happened at the Philadelphia small biz

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A rock concert is the latest event landing at Four Seasons Total Landscaping. A year ago that phrase seemed unlikely, but nothing is out of the question when it comes to Northeast Philly’s most famous garden center.

With punk rocker Laura Jane Grace from Florida and an opener by Chicago singer Brendan Kelly, the concert was sold out within 17 minutes.

The show’s announcement was slated to go down on Saturday, August 21, at the nondescript mall on State Road, which also houses an adult bookstore and crematorium. The show’s announcement was covered by publications around the world: Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Huff Post, Variety. Grace attributed the idea to Kelly and called it “brilliant”.

A second show by Laura Jane Grace later that evening at Kung Fu Necktie under the El sold out in just 11 minutes.

Even if you didn’t get tickets, you can still grab a souvenir t-shirt – which will likely be popular too.

Total Landscape’s star has risen steadily since Rudy Guiliani booked the spot for a bizarre campaign press conference on the day of the 2020 final election. The place immediately became famous after Donald Trump briefly mistook it for the swanky Four Seasons Hotel in Center City and never looked back.

The family business, founded by Marie Siravo in 1992, has brought a whole new world to its nondescript block next to the city prison complex, which also houses auto repair shops, an adult bookstore and a crematorium.

Here’s a look at the many roles Total Landscaping’s low camp has played over the past eight months.

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A few days after the unfortunate press conference, a runner from Philadelphia hit on the idea of ​​running a charity race with the prominent horticultural company.

Echoing Guiliani’s never-proven allegations of fraudulent votes and the city’s annual Broad Street Run, Wynnewood’s Jeff Lyons called the event “the goal of turning something negative into something positive.”

He created a scenic route with one end at Total Landscaping in the northeast and the other in Center City at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Attendees were asked to put in at least $ 10 to participate, and along with merchandising sales, the event raised more than $ 50,000 for the nonprofit Philabundance Against Hunger.

Within two weeks of the Trump legal team’s parking lot press, an artist in Berlin had created a high-quality work of art commemorating the event.

Made of wood, plaster of paris, paint, metal, and LEDs, Tracey Snelling’s diorama features a small chain link fence, concrete wall, roll-up garage door, and lighted signs for the Fantasy Island Adult Book Store and Delaware Valley Cremation

“When I saw both the landscaping and the adult book building, I knew I wanted to build it,” said Snelling. The work was on view for more than a month in early 2021 at a cost of several thousand dollars.

Jokes about hosting a wedding at Total Landscaping flooded social media within hours of the original Guiliani fiasco and continues to roll in.

But several people asked about booking their special day at the Alt-Four Seasons, Siravo told The Inquirer. It’s unclear if that ever happened – but a steady stream of people came by on other occasions.

Sisters met there for a Thanksgiving dinner picnic, a family reportedly stopped by with a hired photographer to take their Christmas card portrait, and tons of people stopped outside for selfies.

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Arguably the biggest uproar at the garden center came when gig platform Fiverr Four Seasons chose Total Landscaping as the backdrop for their Super Bowl LV commercial.

Under the slogan “Small biz goes big”, the SB55 spot shows co-owner Marie Siravo. “Success,” she says, “it is often in the right place at the right time. What an opportunity knocks on your corrugated cardboard garage door, you roll up this puppy! “

The ad also shows other family members, many of whom work at the company, and ends with a traveler walking in and asking, “Is that the lobby?”

“This is not a hotel!” Sirava screams back.

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The Fiverr advertisement was not invented: the Siravo family seized the opportunity presented by their unexpected notoriety.

After making an effort to quickly revise the page so it could keep up with all the web traffic, the FSTL merch shop sold more than $ 1 million at over $ 1 million in just three weeks after the press conference ended 35,000 orders.

The online merch shop is still very active and asks visitors, “Would you like to do America Rake again?”

Available options include hats with a subtle forest green logo, American flag clothing, shirts in classic Phillies colors, a Wawa-inspired design, a “Rudy Moved Out” cartoon, and the latest addition, the Laura Jane Grace Memorial T Shirts.

United States MP Brendan Boyle, whose congressional district includes the famous deal, teased him that he was considering a historical marker for the location.

Although more than 5,000 people have signed a petition, 7347 State Rd. Is not actually on the National Register.

But it will be remembered for future generations.

Director Christopher Stoudt is making a film about the whole escapade. It will be “a firsthand account of the roller coaster ride a well-meaning small business in Philadelphia went through when it agreed to hold a political press conference in the midst of the most competitive American elections in recent history,” per an announcement by the filmmakers .

Produced by Glen Zipper from Oscar winner “Undefeated”, the film will be called “Four Seasons Total Documentary”. Release date is still unknown.

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