Rosie on the House: Top 10 water-friendly landscaping tips | Home + Life + Health

4. GROUP PLANTS: Place plants in natural plant groupings as you would see them in the desert. Do not place plants evenly in the garden. Plant groups in odd numbers. Free space is ok.

5.VIEWS: Block or improve views. You may want to block an unsightly view, such as E.g. the truck your neighbor parks on the street or the scenic view of the mountains. Also consider the view from your home. Place the plants accordingly to create a great eye-catcher out of a window.

6. COMMON TOPIC: Don’t plant every plant you like in a small landscape. It will look more like a botanical garden. Use the same plant in different parts of the garden to unify the look.

7. ENERGY SAVING: Be sure to protect the south and west facing of your home from the summer sun. Use deciduous trees for these shots so that you can take advantage of the sun’s warmth in winter.

8. HARDSCAPE: Hardscape is the inclusion of non-vegetal features for the landscape, such as outdoors. It is usually best to plan and install these areas before installing the equipment.

9. FLOWERS: Plant wildflowers that will re-seed themselves and add seasonal color and charm to your landscape all year round. Some suggested flowers are penstemons, desert marigold, golden dyssodies, tufts of evening primrose, poppies, and lupins.

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