RSC Landscaping donates greenhouse to Sussex Consortium

RSC Landscaping, East Coast Garden Center, has generously donated a greenhouse to the Sussex Consortium students.

Gardening is an activity that students can benefit from both inside and outside the classroom. An on campus greenhouse enables Sussex Consortium students to study through engagement and give them an understanding of the life cycle of plants. It will also help students learn where their food is coming from and the importance of healthy eating.

“Our goal is to educate the next generations of gardeners about the benefits of living among plants,” said Chris Cordrey, co-owner of RSC Landscaping, East Coast Garden Center. “Gardening is a very healthy activity that can teach children responsibility, a strong work ethic, and organization. We are excited that this new greenhouse will allow the consortium to grow their own plants and expand the plant science curriculum. “

“As a fifth year pre-school teacher at the Sussex Consortium, I understand the importance of teaching life and recreational / leisure skills to our students,” said Amanda Cordrey, teacher at the Sussex Consortium. “I also know our headmistress Vivian Bush dreamed of adding a greenhouse to promote the garden that is planted and maintained each year by the older students in our program. With a little help from my family, I thought I might help make this happen and when I asked my husband, Ryan [co-owner of Cordrey Companies] He didn’t hesitate to ask the rest of the family for a donation. “

With the help of RSC Landscaping, East Coast Garden Center staff Quinton Timmons, EJ Baxter and Ryan Cordrey, and Sussex Consortium staff Michael Thomas and Chief Stephen Norwood, the greenhouse was assembled in a matter of hours on May 1st.

The Sussex Consortium will use the greenhouse garden to facilitate learning in science, math, language and social sciences. It will also help students learn self-sufficiency and business skills.

Staff and students alike are excited about everything this project has to offer in the years to come!

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