SKIP RICTHER: Landscaping tips keep maintenance low | Brazos Life

Design with maintenance in mind

Keep maintenance a top priority when planning your landscape. Place higher maintenance plantings where they are most often seen and where the added beauty can justify the extra work.

Make the beds big and spacious. Combine several small beds into one large one to reduce mowing time. Avoid sharp angles. Gradual turns are easier to mow and more aesthetic to the eye.

If you have several trees close together on the lawn, consider making a large bed around them. This saves time mowing and edging around each trunk. Install a permanent ledge to demarcate between lawn and bed areas and prevent intrusion.

Make use of natural areas

If the setting allows, place some natural areas on the edge of your landscape, especially if your property is adjacent to a natural area. These natural areas are hardly or not at all maintained, but can make a good contribution to the overall effect.

It all comes down to what is aesthetically acceptable to you, but extensive design comes with maintenance costs.

How much is enough

Lawns are nice, but do you really need a soccer field? Just because you own the property doesn’t mean covering everything with lawn grass. Lawns need to be mowed, watered and fertilized and often need to be treated with weeds or pests / diseases. Plant lawns where you most want that outdoor rug and where it will thrive.

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