Smaller landscaping machinery is just as loud on July 4th holiday: Moreland Hills Police Blotter


Noise Complaints: Pebblebrook Lane, Ridgecreek Trail

Police responded to a house on July 5 where a resident said a crew was doing construction on a neighboring property. Their machines made beeps that prevented him from sitting outside. The neighbor was advised not to use the device anymore.

About five hours later, shortly after 4 p.m., another resident reported that construction machines were still making beeping noises. He also said he was unable to get out and enjoy the vacation, adding that officials may already have been outside for the same reason.

The police spoke again to the landscaping company who thought they could use a smaller machine in place of the original in hopes it would be quieter. They then agreed not to use heavy equipment for the rest of the day.

Hang up 911, squad call, domestic violence: Hiram Trail

After a woman called 911 at 4:53 a.m. on July 10 to report something and the phone was cut, her address was obtained through the Rapid SOS system.

The police arrived within 10 minutes just as someone set off a car alarm in the driveway. A man was taken to Bedford Heights Prison for domestic violence.

An ambulance was requested for a woman with bruises on her face. She was taken to the Ahuja Medical Center.

Complaints (fireworks): Meadowhill, Meadowood Lanes, SOM Center Road

In response to calls regarding a fireworks show at Chagrin Valley Country Club on July 10 at around 9.45pm, police determined that officers had received all necessary permits and clearances for the event.

At 10:15 p.m., a woman called to report that the fireworks were terrifying her dogs and horses. A separate complaint about loud music followed around 11 p.m., with club officials planning to end the festivities within 30 minutes.

Object found: Chagrin River Road

A woman came to the police station on July 6 to return several hundred dollars in cash that she allegedly found on the pavement of Chagrin River and Jackson streets on July 3 morning.

Noise Pollution: Pebblebrook Lane

Police responded to a report of a noisy party on July 12 at 12:08 pm. Participants agreed to keep the noise down.

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