Spring cleaning: Landscaping dos and don’ts

FALLBROOK – Spring has begun and it’s just the perfect time to walk in the sunshine, see colorful flowers and trees, and enjoy the outdoors at home. The attractiveness of the curb plays an important role in tackling outdoor projects. 75 percent of homeowners said they have had a greater desire to be at home since the project was completed. 59% have an increased sense of joy when they are at home and 63% feel very successful thinking about the project.

Landscaping not only improves your overall feeling of being at home, but it can also benefit you if you are planning a resale. The money you spent on beautifying your garden has a 100% return on investment. You can even increase the selling price by 4-5%. Landscaped homes also sell 15% faster.

Whether for lifestyle or financial purposes, it’s safe to say that landscaping your property is a good idea, especially this spring. Give your property a lawn and landscape rebirth this season with the help of the tips below.

Think about the appeal of the curb

The appeal of the curb can add value to your home. Hence, it is important to consider the appeal of the curb, even if you are not already thinking of selling your home. You can find tons of inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram. The general rule in landscaping is to repeat the plant types and color to create a more cohesive appearance. It’s also good to have a focus to generate interest.

Do some research

Make sure the plants you plan to grow are complementary and can share the soil. It’s also a natural way to control pests or attract beneficial insects to feed on pests.

Plan your dream yard and plant accordingly. You might be tempted to press so many different brightly colored flowers into your garden, but that doesn’t come together as well as organized groups. Here’s a good resource. It is also helpful to know which types are not good for your pets if you have one.

It is also beneficial to plan for the long term if you are starting from scratch. As trees grow, they can damage your property. They should be at least 20 feet from the house itself. Different plants require such foresight. A well-placed tree can help reduce heating and cooling costs by 10%.

Pull overgrown plants

You may feel bad taking out a mature plant to start over, but overgrown plants can overcrowd the house, block windows, and cause property damage. Weeds that sprout along with your flowers and plants are not only ugly and annoying, but can also damage them by ingesting its nutrients. So pull out the lost little dandelion on your lawn.

Grass care

Trimming lawns as short as possible may seem like a good idea, but it isn’t really. If you only cut off about a third of the length of the blade of grass, your lawn will stay healthier over time. Water them once a week, allowing more time to seep through the soil for deeper saturation.

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Contrary to popular belief, lawns should be fertilized at least three times a year: in autumn, early spring, and late spring to maintain a green lawn. Take the time to maintain your lawn and garden so you can enjoy the most fun flowering season yet. You and your plants won’t regret it. Check out our blog for more activities this spring.

Source: National Association of Landscape Professionals, National Association of Real Estate Agents

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