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(KMAland) – When spring is around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about these landscape projects in your own garden.

One unique thing about the COVID-19 pandemic is that the number of gardeners and landscapers has increased. Rachel Anderson is a Community Landscape Specialist at the University of Nebraska Linoleum and shared her reasons for sharing landscaping tips.

“I hear a lot of questions from people and a lot of people struggle to create their landscapes,” said Anderson. “There are a few humps that I think we can all try to get over as homeowners and people with yards that help our landscapes look and function better.”

Anderson appeared as a guest at KMAs AM on the AM program and shared five tips to keep your landscaping projects looking professional.

  1. Don’t overcrowd your home. Give your beds some air to breathe by placing them a few feet apart on either side of the largest plants. This guideline should typically result in landscaped planting areas that are at least 5 feet wide, with smaller plants placed in front of larger ones to facilitate the visual transition from the wall to the lawn.

Anderson talked about why this tip is eye candy too.

“It calms your eyes. When you plant it seems like things are spreading or there is too much space, but in almost no time these plants will mature and then it will look very calm and very good. “

  1. Think twice before walking to a dwarf shrub. There are an abundance of beautiful, long-lived perennials that reach the same 3-foot size range as many dwarf shrubs and in half the time for one-third the price

  2. Grow plants, do not mulch. When a summer photo of your flowerbed shows as much “wood chip brown” as “leaf green”, it’s time to throw away the trimmers and pack in more plants.

  3. Plant things that will grow taller than you. Regardless of the size of your landscape, you should allow for vertical layering by including at least some larger shrubs and trees. Just make sure they are far enough away from roofs and sidewalks to avoid conflict.

Anderson also spoke about this tip.

“For many of us, the most remarkable landscapes are the most haunting. It’s you who make us feel smaller, ”said Anderson. “You really want that vertical layering, no matter how small this yard is, it will look great if you include at least a few larger shrubs and trees.”

  1. Hug fails. When things don’t grow the way you imagined, give yourself grace and time to learn from the unexpected.

For more information on landscaping tips and helpful resources, visit: plantnebraska.org

Anderson shared her general advice when it comes to landscaping this spring.

“Just give it a try. Just start planting, it will be fun and you will love it,” said Anderson.

To hear the full interview with Rachel Anderson, click below.

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