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At its June 22nd meeting, the St. Michael City Council discussed the landscaping plans for the downtown section of 19 County Road, as well as several other administrative matters related to recruitment and trust balances.

The council also amended a resolution related to the Saint Michael Apartments proposal, as the prior easement for the development path recognizes the city as financially responsible for improvements.

As originally discussed at the meeting of the council on April 27th, the municipal development director Marc Weigle again called for a measure of the council regarding the landscaping plans for the one-way street 19 in the inner city. The city employees recommended the council to advance the first planning phase with the engineering office WSB, which will work out several design options for the city.

“I think the WSB would probably meet with employees first, then they would develop two or three concepts,” said Weigle. “Then we would probably take it back to the council and have all these discussions about what you really want to envision for downtown, and then they take that and actually turn it into more detailed plans.”

Weigle also discussed irrigation problems and the importance of different vegetation in the median and suggested that they could plant perennial plants instead of grass to minimize the need for mowing. Councilor Joe Hagerty asked if the city could even get grass in these sections because of the use of salt on our streets, and Weigle said there were salt-resistant plants, shrubs and trees to study.

“The first three plans will look more like blobs on a map, and then there may be pictures of other projects … just for visualization,” said Weigle.

After choosing the design and assigning the plants, the city would then decide on species and other details.

“Maybe it would be good if we got these concepts to hit downtown and walk to better visualize that,” said Weigle. “I know I plan to.”

The council finally approved the city staff and WSB to take the first three steps in the design process, as they hope to have the plans ready by the fall, in case they want to accept offers over the winter.

REVIEW the results of the 2021 Performance Survey which revealed some helpful statistics. 82.5% of the participants rated the performance and appearance of the city in the categories “good” and “excellent”.

ISSUE an ordinance amending the city rules in order to reduce sewage, water and connection fees for apartments and housing developments for seniors.

AWARDed an offer for the CSAH 35 and Third Street Curb and ADA Improvement Project to Schmidt Curb Company, Inc.

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