Stay-at-home summers spur Edmonton landscaping boom – Edmonton

Every year Judy Chapman waits eagerly for the moment when she can put down her snow shovel and pick up a spade.

She has always loved getting her hands dirty and making her garden beautiful.

“Gardening is wonderful. It’s a great chance to get outside and do what I love, so I’ll do it, ”said Chapman.

This year, many Edmonton residents have found that they share Chapman’s passion for shipyards, even if they aren’t quite as eager to do the job themselves.

Across the street from their home in Glenora, Chapman’s neighbors hired landscapers to completely renovate their yard.

Chris Delaney says it’s been a busy year. This is his fourth project this spring.

“Full on, full throttle from the time the snow has melted,” said Delaney of his work schedule.

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Delaney’s boss adds that the entire company and industry is booming. Landscapers have thrived in a bizarre economy transformed by COVID-19.

“It was a little unexpected,” said Sean Lukian, who owns RCL Canada Landscaping. “I can’t remember a time when I saw such a request for a quote.

“People want to do something in their garden, regardless of what it is. That demand has just peaked. It’s incredible.”

RCL doesn’t even look for jobs the way it used to. Traditionally, much of his work came from contacts made at home and in the garden. COVID-19 canceled this and work is still to come.

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Lukian says he was inundated with requests for quotations in March and April. He says the company made about 30 percent more offers than in the years before COVID.

He has hired around 50 percent more employees and is fully booked by September. He says people are stuck in their homes and don’t spend on travel. Instead, they beautify themselves wherever they spend time.

He is grateful that his industry has been spared the economic brunt of COVID. He feels happy. However, Lukian adds that the landscaping industry is not immune to challenges posed by bizarre economic realities.

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“Manufacturing is the problem. Products that are normally readily available will be delayed. So we had to order a lot in advance, ”said Lukian.

Lukian said wood was particularly problematic. The same attitudes that lead people to beautify their yards spur housing construction and home renovation. The demand for wood has skyrocketed. As a result, prices have tripled and the offer is no longer a guarantee.

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Sprinkler pipe is also a problem for Lukian. The PVC supply chain has been disrupted by both COVID and the Texas ice storms. Getting irrigation supplies is a lot harder than it used to be.

Every other landscaper is busier too, which means all of the materials are a little harder to come by. As a result, planning is more important than ever. RCL has pre-ordered most of the materials for the season.

“Our bookings are crazy. We run the risk of not having a product and not being able to work even though the work is there,” said Lukian, who is quick to add that these are issues he is more than happy about.

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