Streetsboro adds to fire station fund for signage, landscaping

Emergency funding for the new Streetsboro Fire Station increased by $ 40,000 to a total of $ 135,000.

Streetsboro Fire Chief Robert Reinholz presented the city council with a detailed list of the items the money will be used on and explained why those items were not originally included

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The items listed in a memo to the council were valued at $ 31,877 in total and would add to the finished appearance of the new station. Reinholz explained that some of the elements, including selected signage and landscaping, were initially overlooked because the city was very frugal with its budget.

Something like a privacy fence to create a barrier between the fire station and nearby businesses would be nice, he said, but isn’t a necessity. However, adding such elements adds to the completeness of the station. It had to do with wants and needs.

Streetsboro Mayor Glenn Broska later added that the city had initially earmarked a very small emergency grant for the project – $ 75,000, which was only a small percentage of the building’s gross maximum price of about $ 5.43 million . It wasn’t a big deal to increase the emergency, he said.

Prior to the recent addition, the contingency was also increased by $ 20,000 in March.

“We don’t expect any further contingencies as the project is almost complete,” he said. “That $ 40,000 represents less than 1% additional risk, which is well below what is normally expected.”

Reinholz said the department lived in the new station and the old one was as good as reduced to rubble. A ceremonial opening of the new building is currently expected to take place towards the end of July and beginning of August.

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