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Backyard pools offer a way to cool off and enjoy a touch of luxury without having to travel.

Backyard pools provided even more convenience and a welcome respite in 2020 as many public swimming pools closed in response to social distancing restrictions put in place during the pandemic.

After installing pools, many homeowners realize that freshening up the landscaping around the pool can add the finishing touch to their backyard retreats. Not all landscaping is created equal, and homeowners should choose plants that look beautiful, are tolerant of pool splashes, and will not grow out of the area.

The Resource for the Home and Garden Spruce indicates that a plant attractive at two feet tall can grow quickly and drop leaves or other debris into the pool.

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing options for the pool area:

Choose plants that provide privacy.

Before buying, find out what climate a plant needs. Tropical plants may fit around the pool, but will they last after the season?

Design based on the theme of the house, as plants are intended to complement the existing style. Modern foliage may not go well with a home that is styled after a traditional English cottage.

Decide whether you can accept spreading or trailing plants that can cascade over retaining walls and other infrastructure.

Look at trees that don’t drop too many leaves, flowers, or fruit into the water.

Remember to have layers of plants to soften the landscape, which can make a small pool look bigger and more luxurious, says landscaping company Earth Development, Inc.

Don’t overlook the possibility of a lawn abutting paving stones or concrete that surrounds a pool, as this can soften the edges and keep spaces open and inviting.

Incorporate herbs or fragrant plants that can turn a pool day into a spa experience. Consider low-maintenance lavender as an option.

The pool landscape must combine a multitude of different characteristics and plant requirements. Therefore, professional advice can be the way to go. Landscape architects have the know-how to choose plant varieties that are tolerant, beautiful and meet the needs of homeowners.

Backyard pools can make a backyard retreat even more enjoyable. The landscaping offers the softness and beauty that add the finishing touch to the pool retreats.

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