The Most Common Landscaping Problems – The Dixon Pilot

Most homeowners dream of a lush green lawn surrounded by flowers, shrubs, and trees. You have tried everything possible to create this delightful oasis in your own garden, but despite your best efforts, your lawn is full of dead grass.

Why is this happening? Learn about the most common landscaping problems and some solutions.

Dead Sea (made of grass)

They plant some grass and eagerly wait for it to grow. Time goes by. One morning you go outside to see lush grasses. You go to bed and the next morning you go outside and find the grass inexplicably limp and dead.

Unfortunately, some climates and soil types do not offer optimal conditions for grass. If you live in an extremely hot or cold area, or have soil that is mostly sand or clay, you may find it difficult to grow and maintain healthy grass.

You can’t change the weather. Consider installing turf to replace real grass. Lawn can hardly be distinguished from grass – it is also easy to care for and can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

If your problem is from the soil, try planting grasses that are better suited for sandy or clay soils, such as zoysia or bahia grass.

Water basin

The second most common problem in landscaping is stagnant water. Do you live in a swamp The ground is covered with puddles and you cannot drive into your yard without putting on a pair of knee-length rain or dirt boots. What is the problem? It’s drainage. Rainwater collects due to improper drainage.

How do you solve drainage problems? You can build hollows, holding ponds, dry wells, or French drains, to name a few examples. An experienced landscaper can help you find the best solution for your lawn.

Fairy rings

Mystical fairies make themselves felt by leaving rings made of mushrooms known as fairy rings. Your lawn is full of mushrooms. Does that mean that a bunch of fairies lived rent-free on your property?

That is questionable, but one thing is certain. You have a ton of mushrooms and you probably have no idea what to do with them. You can pull them up, but due to an extensive root system hidden below, they will eventually grow back.

Preventing fungus growth in the first place is easy. Mushrooms are attracted to moisture and decaying organic matter. By removing leaves, buried wood, and old mulch, you can keep fungus off your property.

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