The MowRo is the electric lawn-mowing robot that liberates you from home landscaping duties

TLDR: The MowRo is a robotic lawn mower that cuts your grass all by itself, including programmable scheduling, rechargeable battery, silent operation and no wasted time for you.

There is regular chores that you don’t particularly enjoy, but it needs doing. So … you do it. But when you sit back and actually think about how much time you spend on these simple tasks over the course of your many years, the time blown becomes pretty astronomical.

How … did you know you could spend something? You mow your lawn from 47 days during your life Granted, depending on the type of mower, this number can actually only be seven days. But still … would you really rather spend a week of your life cutting grass than … well, almost anything else?

The answer is a clear no. And with the addition of the MowRo RM24 robot lawn mower For your groundskeeping crew, you might not have to think about lawn mowing for more than an hour or two before you finally shake off this mortal spiral for a day.

Just like one of those robotic vacuums that buzz around your house vacuuming up dirt, the MowRo is the robot that keeps your lawn looking like it’s about to host a PGA Tour event.

With a powerful 2,900 RPM motor, the MowRo slides across your grass, shaving the blades to the level you want, from a luscious, healthy, 2.5-inch high shag to a tight-cut, finely manicured sheen of grassy goodness of just an inch thick.

With this fully autonomous mower, users can set a mowing schedule that suits them, so you can do a new mow every weekend, twice a week or even every day.

Owners lay a flat, clutter-free boundary wire along the outside edge of their lawn that acts like an invisible wall to guide the MowRo’s mowing path. For safety reasons, the blades are housed in a protective blade guard with a shock sensor that the grass can pass through while pets, children, or even you absent-mindedly walk barefoot during a mowing session.

This mower slides on a Samsung 4Ah 28-volt lithium-ion battery, so that users not only avoid the rising engine fumes from their old mower, but also emit absolutely no greenhouse gases. And it’s extremely quiet too, never rising above 65 decibels.

Most of the time, the device is in its docking station, a shelter, when it rains, when the battery needs charging, or when the robotic mowing job is complete.

The MowRo RM24 robotic lawn mower regularly costs $ 999 Now $ 150 off, available for just $ 849.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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