The Trump campaign’s ‘Four Seasons’ landscaping fixation went deeper than you know

Surely the Trump campaign must have assumed they’d booked something related to the Four Seasons hotel, only to roll with the alternative found on arrival. At least that was the theory.

The question of whether Team Trump messed up the booking was never fully resolved despite serious reporting attempts to get to the bottom of the secret. But this weekend brought in new data suggesting that they were actually only drawn to the name of the company.

A month before Giuliani made Four Seasons Total Landscaping a completely weird footnote in US political history, the Trump campaign made quite a bit of money to another landscaping company with an almost identical name.

Sometime in late September, the Republican National Committee booked an events and real estate firm called Four Seasons Landscape and Property Services to provide a location for a fundraising swing on the west coast for then-President Donald Trump. The Santa Clarita-based company charged the committee $ 48,515.78 for the job. The sum was paid out on December 15th by Trump Victory – a joint fundraising company of the RNC and the Trump campaign – was the bill for the Giuliani presser.

In fact, they were two separate Trump campaign events, each with a landscaping company called Four Seasons involved.

In a telephone interview, Dan Blümel, the owner of Four Seasons Landscape and Property Services, said the event his company served was held in October. Where exactly, he didn’t say, referring to a nondisclosure agreement with the customer. But he revealed that a major hiccup messed up the planning.

“Unfortunately,” said Blumel, “Mr. Trump got Covid. ”

In fact, Trump’s illness – which was so severe it had to be transferred to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center – led to the mess of two fundraising drives on the West Coast: a $ 25,000-a-plate event in Beverly Hills and a $ 2,800-a-plate one in a private residence in Newport Beach. Blumel said the event he was working on was happening but was attended in his place by President’s daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

And that, thought Blumel, was it. Trump has recovered from Covid. The choice has been made. Joe Biden won.

Except it wasn’t that easy. A few days after the vote, Giuliani held his infamous press secretary at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping of the same name, turning an obscure company into an emblem of the chaotic conspiracy hunts that were to follow. Blumel’s phone exploded with texts from friends and acquaintances asking the obvious question: Does this have anything to do with you at all?

“We happen to have the same name as the other,” he said. “But no, we are not connected.”

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